Friday, March 19, 2010

Child Services Obviously Has My Address Wrong...

So, being all worn out from parenting ( jeez..why didn't anyone TELL me it was so hard?), Baby Daddy and I decided to order pizza for supper. Forty minutes went by, and we got a phone call from the delivery driver that went something like this:

(Delivery guy) "What did you say your address was?"
(Me) "It's XXX Xth"
(DG) "Well, I'm at XXX Xth and there's no one here. Is this a (insert random Midwest city here) number?"
(Me) "No, it's a (second city) number"
(DG) "Oh shit, I'm at XXX Xth in (random Midwest city #1)!"

We tried to convince him to drive the pizza to our city, but Delivery Guy wasn't having any of it. Some people have no sense of humour. When you order from a chain, folks, always specify the city you are ordering from. Delivery Guy was not happy, we were not happy. 80 minutes is too long to wait for a pizza.

Anyway, I'm thinking something like that is happening with Child Services. I mean, I'm still here, The Nipplehawk is still here, and the contraband walker is still here. And we're all FINE.

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