Friday, May 28, 2010

Well, at Least it's Not Boring

Well helloooo there. My, what a few weeks it's been. That may sound like an excuse to you, but check this shit out.

Baby Daddy and I are now living in separate abodes. That's right, it's ovah. It's okay, it was inevitable, for the best for everyone involved, and Captain Chaos still gets to spend lots of time with the old man.

I'm not done yet.

Also, it turns out that Captain Chaos will be welcoming a little brother or sister in a few short months. (Or, if I'm to believe my friend, brothers or sisters. She seems to believe that I am going to be blessed with twins. I keep telling her to shut the hell up.)


Because I'm just finishing up my first mat. leave, I also need to try and squeeze in 23 weeks of work before I squeeze the next kitten out or else no benefits for mommy. Yay!

Anybody got any hot ideas for working from home?

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