Thursday, September 9, 2010


3:30pm - Chaos FINALLY tires of crashing around in his crib, falls asleep.

4:30pm - I finally tire of trying to get blood from a stone (i.e. doing my finances), start getting my sh*t together for supper.

5pm - Dinner is in the pot! And baby is still sleeping! OMG I am so going to pluck my eyebrows! ( As if it's some wicked, delightfully sinful indulgence..)

I rush downstairs to perform said wicked, sinful act. On the way past the washer and dryer, though, I happen to notice that the dryer has stopped.

Better check.

Alright! Grandma's clothes are dry!

Transfer grandma's clothes from dryer to basket. Transfer Chaos' clothes from washer to dryer. Start dryer.

Well hell - that leaves an empty washing machine. Do I want to throw another load of tiny, scuffed pants and fruit - stained t-shirts in? YOU BET YOUR ASS I DO!! Yeehaw!!  Pshew Phsew! ( that's the noise I make when I fire my imaginary six-shooters in the air. In case you wanted to know.)

Hit "fill" on washing machine. Add soap.

I'm one of those people who has to wait till the machine has filled and started agitating before I put my clothes in. It's a hangover from my misspent college days. Many was the time when I would curse as I pulled my clothes from a laundromat washer, only to find them covered in undissolved powdered soap, thereby forcing me to spend much-needed beer money re-washing them all.

Anyway...while waiting for the washer to start agaiting, may as well check my reader.

You guessed it - while I'm wasting time online, washer goes through half a cycle.

Finally! Clothes are in. And baby slumbers yet! I grab my tweezers and the baby monitor and make a beeline for the washroom.

Just as I put metal to brow, the monitor jumps.


Oh well. Next time.

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