Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Post is Just a Vehicle for Pictures of My Kid

Autumn, while sometimes spectacular around these parts, can often be a little cold and drab.

It makes it a little difficult to get off the computer and get outside, especially when dressing Captain Chaos for inclement weather is a full-on Battle Royale that can take upwards of half an hour. Hell, just getting pants on him has been my undoing some days.

He prefers surfing nekkid...ish.
 Today, however, Chaos was clearly interested in getting out. I, too, was climbling the walls.

After reading this post  from Lindsey at A Crunchy Life, I was inspired. Let the battle begin! Soon, I had wrestled the little man into three layers of clothing and we were off!

He starts squealing every time we roll up to his playground.

Let the wild rumpus begin!

Up the stairs....

Across the bridge

Back again

And down the slide

Up the slide

And down the stairs

And down the slide


There are some playground concepts he's still a little unclear on.

I'm sure I rocked this very same look in 1993 - with parade boots instead of Robeez.

Then he saw these stairs, which heretofore had not been climbed.

He's nothing if not determined.

Playground (and staircase) conquered and Chaos corralled, we settled in for a nice nip and a stroll through the hood.

I took pitchers

Late bloomers

Even on the gloomiest of days it's pretty around here.

Home sweet home.

Layers are shed,

And Chaos is off on another adventure.


  1. His expressions on the playground on priceless! Seeing him is so like watching my own boy when he was that age. The adventures haven't stopped. Heck, he even occasionally unrolls the TP still and he's 9 now.

  2. :) I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of adventures in our future!