Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reverb 4 - A Sense of Wonder

Children live in a world of wonder. Firsts abound. First smile, first solid foods, first birthday, first steps, first words.  Every day brings a new discovery, new opportunities to learn and grow.

Our challenge is to let their wonder into our own lives. It becomes too easy to simply exist as caretaker and custodian, passively watching as our offspring soak up the amazingness that is the world.

Let the dishes go. Let the floor remain unvacuumed. Close the laptop. Spend a half hour stuffing your child into long johns, double socks, snowpants, two shirts, a sweater, a coat, mittens, toque, and scarf for a twenty minute sled ride. It's a lot more work than staying inside, but it's worth it's weight in wonder.

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