Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another confession

I don't want to spend my precious time writing this blog post. I want to be sitting here passively, reading other people's posts. I want to be entertained, and maybe inspired. No, fuck inspired. I have lots of inspriation in my life right now. It's motivation I'm lacking.

Maybe it's not even that. Chaos is cutting his first molars as I write, and just wants to be held. All day long.  Which makes things like cooking supper and doing laundry difficult. And those things are neccessary. A blog entry a day? Not so much.

But of course, I make it out to be lack of motivation. There's something wrong with me. I've begun another project that I won't finish, and it's due to my own laziness, right?

So I lay awake, thinking of what I could possibly write about, frittering away my precious sleep time until Chaos wakes for comfort and Tylenol in the middle of the night. Now, he's sleeping soundly again (thank g-d) and I'm still up, tapping away my guilt over unfinished business.

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