Thursday, November 11, 2010

Take it To Heart

Dear Baby Daddies;

When you make a commitment to your ex and your child, stand by it, no matter how trivial you may consider it to be.  I can assure you that you ex does not consider it trivial. You probably don't understand, but being a full time single mom is really, really tough. Your ex  may have to work, she may have appointments, she may be going to school or working on a project, or she may just need a couple of hours to have coffee with a friend, go to yoga, go for a walk. None of these things are any more important than the other. She is doing what she needs to do in order to be the best parent that she can be for your child/ren.

Your commitment to your child/ren is equally, if not more, important. They may be too young to be let down when daddy doesn't show up, or they may not show their disappointment, but they are learning all the time.  You are always setting an example. You are also setting a precedent. Your child/ren are relying on you to teach them to keep their word, no matter what. They are also relying on you to teach them -  through actions, not merely through words - that they are loved and valued enough that you will come through for them when you say you will.

So, once again, baby daddies, I implore you. Stand by your commitments to your exes and your children. In the end you will be helping to better all of your lives.

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